We seek opportunities to partner with those who have an interest in helping us address child care challenges and enable more families to go to work and school with the peace of mind that their children are in quality child care settings that they can afford. We accomplish through offering resources, including:


NDS – The National Data System for Child Care

Child Care Aware®of America’s custom designed information management software system, developed in partnership with our CCR&R members and national child care experts, has been the most consistent data driven tool for the child care system since the late 1990s.

More than 5,000 CCR&Rs and states use NDS to support parent referrals and professional development, and more than 6.5 million child care referrals are offered to families through NDS annually.

NDS serves as a valuable tool for policy change and systems planning and continues to evolve to the growing demand for child care data. We deliver software solutions designed to advance child care policy and practice, ultimately resulting in access to high-quality, affordable child care for all families.

Our vision is to make the child care and early learning mapping tool available for use by governments, community stakeholders, corporate investors, families, and child care and early learning programs. Technology and funding partners are critical to continuing to evolve this important tool to support policy change arguments and advance child care policy and practice.


Fee Assistance Program

Child Care Aware®of America has been providing subsidy services to military families and children for more than 12 years, and we are honored to continue to do this work. We are eager to explore and expand the solutions we have evolved over the years in consumer education and fee assistance to other entities interested in finding solutions to support ALL families find affordable quality child care.


Professional Development

Child Care Aware®of America will continue to broaden and deepen professional development support for the child care workforce. Using such vehicles as our online Child Care Aware® Training Academy, webinars, and live training opportunities such as our biannual Symposium, we aspire to be the leading source for transforming the skills of the early care and education, school age, and CCR&R workforce by facilitating exceptional content across all learning experiences.


Every family in the United States has access to a high-quality, affordable child care system.


We advance a child care system that effectively serves all children and families. The child care system supports children’s growth, development, and educational advancement and creates positive economic impact for families and communities. Our work is strengthened by a national network of child care resource and referral agencies (CCR&Rs) and diverse members and partners.


We believe the earliest years of a child’s life are the most critical and represent the single most important investment for communities, states, and the nation, requiring significant leadership, focus, and funding.
We believe families are children’s most important teachers. In partnership with families, nurturing, responsive, and knowledgeable child care teachers create dynamic learning opportunities and are essential to creating the foundation for children’s long-term success.
We believe the public and private sectors must invest in and promote the quality and availability of child care programs that support children’s health and development. Families and child care businesses should not bear the full cost of quality child care.
We believe —because of disparities among groups of children—programs and policies should be designed, resourced, and implemented to deliver equitable outcomes for all children in all communities.
We believe that strategic partnerships with likeminded organizations are essential to proactively leverage resources, maximize expertise, and create greater gains for children and families.
We believe decision makers on child care systems, services, policies, and funding must have access to clear data and strong research to inform their choices.